LOVELY Rock Rose & Pink Pepper Reed Diffuser

LOVELY Rock Rose & Pink Pepper Reed Diffuser



Think Lovely. Live Lovely. Be Lovely

Smell the beautiful aroma of our Lovely fragrance and be transported to an English rose garden in summertime. The delicate balance between the refreshing pink pepper oil and the soothing rose oil creates a delightful floral fragrance designed to stimulate, soothe and comfort. So, close your eyes and create your feeling of loveliness.

A stylish and practical way to fragrance any room, this stunning reed diffuser is a great alternative to candles. Simply pop in the reeds and allow the beautiful fragrance to be diffused around the room.

Available in: Volume 200ml. Usage time: 6-9 Months – Volume 100ml. Usage time: 4-6 Months

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Fragrance Notes
The refreshing properties of pink pepper oil blend beautifully with the soothing base notes of rose oil to create a truly rich, floral fragrance transporting you to a lovely English rose garden.
Made with a blend of natural soy wax and pure essential oils.

Top Note: Pink Pepper
A stimulating, spicy fragrance with slight peppery notes. Blends beautifully with the rich depth of Rose Oil.

Middle Note: Rose
A precious essential oil with a sweet and rich fragrance. The base notes in this beautiful essential oil provide a lingering backdrop of floral ambiance.

Base Note: Patchouli
A rich, earthy and woody aroma with subtle, hidden fruity notes – strengthens the spicy notes of the pink pepper to create a lovely deep and long lasting fragrance.

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