DREAM Vanilla Musk & Lavender Reed Diffuser

DREAM Vanilla Musk & Lavender Reed Diffuser



Dream: to be perfectly at peace with oneself; to feel rested, relaxed and dreamlike.
Think Dream. Live Dream. Be Dream

Slide into a Dream like mood with the comforting fragrance of Vanilla Musk and Lavender. The calming effects of Vanilla Musk blended with the relaxing properties of Lavender are a perfect aid for you to unwind after a busy day. To create that ‘look-after’ state of mind, simply relax and let the Dream fragrance caress your cares away.

A stylish and practical way to fragrance any room, this stunning reed diffuser is a great alternative to candles. Simply pop in the reeds and allow the beautiful fragrance to be diffused around the room.

Available in: Volume 200ml. Usage time: 6-9 Months – Volume 100ml. Usage time: 4-6 Months

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Fragrance Notes
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Fragrance Notes
The relaxing properties of lavender oil blend beautifully with the sweetness of vanilla and the depth of musk to create a truly warming and dreamy fragrance.
Made with a blend of natural soy wax and pure essential oils.

Top Note: Bergamot
Uplifting, spicy and sweet with floral overtones. This oil blends beautifully with lavender to create an initial burst of sweetness.

Middle Note: Lavender
A beautiful, herbaceous oil with fresh, floral and sweet notes. Blended with sandalwood to create a rich and dreamy fragrance.

Base Note: Sandalwood
A deep, sultry and relaxing fragrance with earthy undertones – provides a beautiful, base aroma which lingers divinely.

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