Cross Teepee Seafoam Trim

Cross Teepee Seafoam Trim


Cross Teepee Seafoam Trim
Black and white cross print kids play teepee with seafoam herringbone trim

The 5 Wooden dowel poles create the traditional 5 sided teepee frame. This kids teepee is perfect for children aged 3-11, but big enough for the whole family to enjoy for story time or milk and cookies and therefore the perfect gift! Every family should have a teepee.

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Made in Great Britain.

100% Cotton tent and ties
5 x 20cm diameter tulipwood poles create the traditional teepee frame
Comes with a matching slim storage bag for tidy up time

Base diameter approximately 120cm
Teepee height when up approximately 180cm
Teepee height when in the storage bag 200cm

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