White 4ft Bunk Bed

White 4ft Bunk Bed


This stylish petite design is actually made up of two separable small double beds, allowing you to lodge both grown-ups and youngsters. This makes it perfect both for kid’s sleepovers and housing guests. If someone does not like heights, then the separability comes as a plus. The crisp yet modest white design allows you to match any room decor fashionably. The existence of the strong, slatted wooden headboard and foot-end means that you can surely feel comfortable and secure during your night rests. As already mentioned, the bunk bed’s ability to split into two double beds means you can house up to four individuals, which makes it ideal for evening parties, gatherings and the all-loved catch- up meetings.

Depending on your decision of how you would like to organize your room, you can alter the location of the ladder, because once attached to the bunk beds it can be position on the left or right. It is advisable to store the ladder elsewhere in the room when you use the beds separately, in order to avoid any damage to the access point for the upper bunk.


Two double-beds as bunk bed arrangement
Easily and comfortably sleep up to four people
Gorgeous white painted design
Robust wooden material stands the test of time
Slatted headboard and foot-end for harmonious design
Bunk beds can be split into two separate beds
Delivered flat-packed for convenience

4ft Small Double Top and 4ft Small Double Bottom:
Length: 206 cm
Height: 158 cm
Width: 139 cm
Width Excluding Ladder: 130 cm
Siderail Length: 195 cm
Floor to Slats Height: 36 cm
Floor to Top Slats Height: 115 cm
Gap Between Bunks: 79 cm
Floor to First Step of Ladder: 40 cm
Distance Between Ladder Steps: 23.5 cmStep Width: 35 cmFloor Clearance: 29 cmAll measurements are approximates.

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