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Registration & Enrolment. Just what is the difference in enrolment and registration?

To enroll, an individual create guides. To register, you pay your tuition and incidental fees, or register without payment (defer fees).

The deadlines to enrol in graduate-level tuition can vary determined by your very own graduate product. Find out SGS sessional periods for full specifics.



ACORN represents obtainable university on the web Resource Network and is also the student cyberspace inter?face within the University’s individual help and advice technique. Mark into ACORN to start in training courses, examine charges and finances, improve your target and disaster email address, and a lot more.

Registration Eligibility

We all make every effort to guarantee that enrollment media is only mailed to people who're eligible to register. However, receiving it won't outrank every other notification a person got regarding your educational level and qualification.

You are thought about authorized as soon as you get remunerated fees and incidental fees or have got requested to join without pay (for example., charge deferral). For details on registering without charge (for example.