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8. party and function through Carnival. May possibly not become Rio de Janeiro, but Colombia features an excellent festival month

Although festival in Barranquilla (which is the premier) comes about in March, January try an equally blast to go to. Pasto and Manizales give carnivals in the first month of January. The Carnaval de Blanco y Negro in Manizales happens to be a wild week of revelry be sure you put earlier black and white clothing, as youre guaranteed to become doused in flour, paint, and foam!

9. do a little harsh sports in San Gil

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San Gil is the exterior financing of the nation. Extreme-sports enthusiasts think its great here. You could get white-water rafting, paragliding, caving, rappelling, going, and more because of this city! Rates will vary but anticipate paying around 60,000 policeman ($19 2500) for paragliding and around 125,000 COP ($40 USD) for white-water rafting.

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10. Flake Out in Tayrona Nationwide Park Your Car

Found on Colombias Caribbean region, Tayrona has long stretches of golden shores layered with coconut hands and a thick rainforest with numerous effortless week walks. I exceptionally encourage you begin early within large entrance at El Zaino and leave the recreation area through Calabazo. This underused course requires a full week, and as soon as an individual go the Cabo San Juan campsite, youll how to get the last half the track to yourself. Tayrona can also be made up of more 20 diving web sites, such as shipwrecks and coral reefs containing multicolored aquatic daily life, and two-tank dives tends to be as low as 305,000 COP ($95 USD). For a few beach efforts, take a look at stunning Cabo San Juan. At the end of the exotic stretching of coastline happens to be a lookout place, capped with a hut of hammocks. Post your feet and relish the thought.

11. Head to the Providencia and San Andres Isles

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These islands are really nearer to Nicaragua than Colombia. They're also thought about some of the pristine areas when you look at the Caribbean.