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Usual Causes of Traumatization to Your Cervix. If you’re focused on pelvic problems or uncommon signs and symptoms, it is crucial that you obtain a knowledgeable analysis

Their cervix is found during the low end of one's uterus, joining it your vagina. it is generated primarily of sinewy tissue, and like any more body part, it would possibly suffer injury or accident — from intercourse, disease, plus much more.

Cervical serious pain may suffer like unclear pelvic pains, allowing it to be hard to discover yourself. If you've got a cervix accident or infection, you might see warning signs like:

  • Problems with sex
  • Swelling between menstrual times
  • Bleeding after gender
  • Agonizing urination
  • Strange genital discharge

If you’re concerned about pelvic suffering or abnormal disorders, it is important to create an experienced analysis. At Solace Women's Care , Farly Sejour, MD , and all of us are excited to deliver thorough look after women.

Whether your doctor recognizes cervical trauma during your annual well-woman test or else you find warning signs like unusual bleeding or problems, take a moment for additional details on the standard factors that cause injury your cervix.

Intimate penetration

The cervix can be found in the middle of your uterus along with your vaginal channel. Dependant upon your own body, it may be between 3-7 in from genital starting , plus it’s achievable to reach through your vagina.

Deep entrance with a manhood or some other thing during intercourse could go and damage the cervix. If you decide to endure cervical bruising while having sex, they generally speaking hurts quickly, and it also could make entrance awkward up until the injury repairs.

Various other signs and symptoms could include blood loss, recognizing, or back pain. Minimal bruising may heal within a few days, but frequent bruising or higher critical warning signs could indicate a far more really serious state.


Venereal disease (STDs) like chlamydia and gonorrhea produces discomfort, illness, and discomfort inside the genital canal and cervix.