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Charvel design line - made in USA? Nothing of these guitars comprise created in UNITED STATE.

The throat plates from the bolt-on throat Charvel style show hold IMC's Fort really worth Texas target, besides the fact that these were all built in Japan. The address checks out: Fort worthy of, TX 76113, U.S.A. Most of the Charvel imports during the scale on this report (1986-91), manufactured in Japan (except the Charvette television series that's built in Korea).

IMC (International songs company), that in the year 1985 combined with Jackson Charvel, am based in Fort well worth, Arizona and having their particular American P.O. tackle throughout the throat platter, was actually probably a sleek promotional key getting people think the systems were produced in USA.

To all fairness it needs to be believed, which bolt-ons got a small CREATED IN JAPAN label added to the back of the throat from the rear (nothing like for the pic on the right, exactly where are has become moved to the throat platter).