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Many benefits that really work obtainable. Value for non-US workers are decided by place.

Importance for represented workers are subject to combined negotiating allowing it to differ.


The beginning value

You set about implementing the first day. Your amazing benefits should as well. Browse the tactics all of us you with his in depth advantages structure.

The first day positive

You begin working on the first day. The pros should way too. Explore every one of the techniques we give you support with the extensive benefits program.

Stock With Each Other

As Verizon renders the websites that move society on, we'd like every personnel to come aboard our very own motion and welcome our very own function. That's why we've got Stock Together.

Stock With Each Other

As Verizon generates the sites that transfer everybody forwards, we desire every worker to participate in the movement and incorporate all of our factor. This is precisely why we've got regular along.

Paying allow choosing people

Qualified employees can qualify for over to 2 months of spent parental leave at 100per cent of standard spend. Anticipating moms qualify for up to 16 days of spent pregnancy create between temporary handicap and parental allow.

Paying put choosing parents

Eligible workforce can are eligible for as much as 2 months of remunerated adult leave at 100per cent of groundwork wages. Anticipating women meet the requirements for approximately 16 months of settled maternity put between temporary disability and adult allow.

Committed to your

Take advantage of competitive incomes and performance-based perks, plus 401(k) economy with providers accommodate. You’ll also love offers on Verizon items, get access to adoption costs suggestions, and get qualified to receive the matching gifts course.

Dedicated to one

Maximize aggressive incomes and performance-based incentives, plus 401(k) money with business match. You’ll also enjoy bargains on Verizon items, gain access to use costs help, and start to become entitled to the matching gift suggestions system.