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It can be a little scary to think about a stranger rubbing your at least semi-naked body for an hour or more if youve received a gift certificate for a massage as a birthday or Fathers Day gift, or just want to get one and have never pulled the trigger.

Its kind of a scenario that is awkward you really consider it.

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There must be some unwritten rules in regards to the experience that is whole right? Certainly you will find.

Your time and effort will likely to be much more enjoyable for both you therefore the therapist if youre conscious of this rule of etiquette. Here are 8 items to bear in mind whenever moving in for a therapeutic massage.

Fast prelim point: do you realy choose a male or therapist that is female?

this is often a hotly debated subject among males. If youre right, does having some guy therapeutic massage therapist make you gay? Is having a female akin to cheating? The solution to both is not any. It just boils down to choice. Anecdotally, many dudes prefer females practitioners, but most certainly not all. I happened to be seriously just a little worried within my very first therapeutic massage so it would feel strange having a female besides my partner pressing me personally, however its actually generally not very a sexual thing.