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I'm sure this can be sort of silly, but i am really concerned, till the idea i can not sleep

I noticed slutty and that I imagined is going to be an excellent move to "flash willy" on Omegle. I discovered the chitchat of 2 women and 1 guy that felt very small. It's hard to determine whether they were underage or otherwise not, but i am imagining they may currently and I also'm very concerned.

The chat wasn't more than 3 min therefore appeared to have a ball while observing my own genitals. We dind't program your face or give any personal information.

Simple question for you is: may I become caught for gender offenses to minors? I wish I never ever achieved this. I will never take action since stupid because. I'm very sorry.

Most of us discussed in english therefore I assume these were through the everyone. I'm from The Balearics, is it possible to be extradited on the US mainly for some situation of exhibition?

Maybe i am freaking out and about an excessive amount of but I am unable to make it. Please help me.

Re: Exhibitionism on Omegle

First of all, your own supposition that other folks happened to be inside U.S. given that they communicated along in English could possibly be wrong. And the U.S. certainly is the usa with the greatest amount of native English speakers (that is,. French is the very first vocabulary), it is actually obviously not just the only person. Some might are typically in the U.K., Ontario, Aussie-land, New Zealand, or many other area land where french may be the main language. There is the point that french happens to be a widely learned next speech, so there are big numbers of those who talk English in many places throughout the globe.