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NIM, the First Members just Dating App for Muslims, Banking institutions on dedication

We spoke to founder Snaullah Niazi? about their brand new application.

Since the online dating sites market — as well as its perpetuation for the chat-meets-ghost cycle — reaches a saturation point, NIM ventures into uncharted territory once the first-ever exclusive, members-only software catered to your single Muslim community. Traditional dating apps such as for example Tinder pose array challenges for observers of the faith that stipulates different guidelines and limitations including restricted contact that is physical wedding plus an increased exposure of parental approval of the partner. Though it’s simple enough to face aside from Tinder and its particular free-for-all approach, NIM goes much further than also pre-existing Muslim dating apps, like the likewise known as Minder, by making no proverbial rock unturned — Sharia-compliant, or Halal, features enable users’ family and friends to talk about possible matches, recommend leads and also chaperone a talk. NIM’s application committee hand-selects a person base of an individual whom show some indicators of dedication, be it a relative side task or even a type of see this research.

“We don’t pass by details on economic status or task name,” stated NIM Founder Snaullah Niazi?, whose previous tech initiatives consist of Wieldata Group and learning that is virtual Stud-E-Buddies.