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Whenever watching online videos, most of the streaming solutions load, including Adobe Flash Player, the video or any news through buffering, the method by which the news is temporarily downloaded on your computer before playback.

Nevertheless, as s n as your playback stops because of “buffering” it indicates that the download speed is low, as well as the buffer dimensions are not as much as the playback speed. In this guide, we shall learn to raise the rate of streaming videos & raise the buffer size in just about any web browser

B st the rate of streaming videos & increase Buffer Size

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There are several methods that you could avoid roadblock that is continually getting streaming videos. This particular article discusses one of the best as you are able to go with right now.

  1. Movie rate controller
  2. Check always connection that is internet
  3. Adjust quality that is video
  4. Clear browser cache and c kie
  5. Disable hardware acceleration

1] Video rate controller plugin

You may be considering manually adjusting the video playback settings or changing the online world settings on your PC. What in the event that you could do it all by just a single click? Well, you are able to optimize and control the movie totally applying this plugin called “Video Speed Controller,” which helps increase the speed of streaming videos.