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Gay Rape: I Happened To Be Gang Banged at a Bath Home

on top of substances, we place myself in a dangerous situation. We nevertheless did not ask to be homosexual raped

By: T in Chicago

Back when you look at the time, partying had been virtually my vocation. My entire life centered round the next celebration or even the hookup that is next. In the past, it seemed fun – until it didn’t.

One evening over about ten years ago perfectly illustrates this. It were only available in the typical method – cocktails – and finished in an similarly familiar destination – the bathhouse. This was in fact my formula for a while. It, right if it ain’t broke don’t fix?

During the time we appeared to be significantly such as for instance a more youthful Ethan Hawke, filled with goatee and soulful eyes (mine are green). The fitness center had started having to pay dividends, abs unexpectedly noticeable and I also felt liberated through the grade that is endless torment that typified much of my youth.

The” that is“chubby dude had been not chubby. As well as the attention of hot males ended up being as big of a top due to the fact vodka we drank or the meth that is crystal smoked.