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Great Dates Columbia.Columbia has a lot of interesting outside art pieces, and wouldnt it be fun to ride around to check out them on a nice time?

1. Tunnel Vision by Blue Sky: Dont try to drive through it! Amazingly tunnel that is realistic painted in the rear of a business building. 1550 Marion St. in the backside associated with the building dealing with Taylor St.

2. Busted Plug by Blue Sky: At nearly 40 legs tall and five tons, this structure that is awesome homage to Blue Skys dad who was simply a firefighter. At this time it really is situated at 1400 Taylor St., but plans come in the ongoing works to go it to some other location.

3. Hootie plus the Blowfish Monument: an abstract steel sculpture that nearly kinds a gazebo. Musical staffs increase through the concrete, and curve about, reminding certainly one of just exactly just how music moves through the atmosphere. a massive electric guitar choose is imbedded within the sidewalk aided by the different achievements associated with the hometown band emblazoned thereon. Santee Ave. at Harden St.

4. Neverbust Chain by Blue Sky: Look up! A big 25 base string links structures in downtown Columbia. 1500 Main St.

5. Apollo Cascade: The brick-paved Boyd Plaza while watching Columbia Museum of Art includes outside sculpture by functions by Henry Moore and Robert Carrolls water fountain sculpture Apollo Cascade. 1515 Principal St.