Pocket Sprung

Individual springs in their own separate pockets move independently and so provide the best postural support. The individual pocket springs follow and support your body shape and weight. Even as you move around only the springs directly underneath your body compress and gently cradle you for the most comfortable feel. A pocket sprung mattress is a great choice if you or your partner tends to turn a lot during the night.

Changing the spring construction, thickness (gauge) of the wire, height of each spring and the quantity alters the tension, feel and weight distribution properties of each mattress. We offer many of our mattresses in a choice of tensions also, providing you the ability to tailor the mattresses’ support to suit you. Higher spring counts offer more supportive comfort.

Our better pocket springs are sewn into hardwearing calico fabric pockets and hand-nested and hand-centre tied for the ultimate support. The pocketed springs are hand-nested in a honeycomb pattern to produce a unit for the centre of the mattress. Linen cord is threaded through the springs to tie the springs and secure the nesting.

In mattresses with a double layer of pocket springs, the upper springs shape to the body contours while the lower layer absorbs changes in weight distribution for the ultimate in comfort and support.
We also feature “zoning” in some of our mattresses. Firm perimeter support mattresses feature firmer springs around the perimeter of the mattress to add strength to the edge of the mattress to allow you to use the whole surface of the mattress as a sleeping area.

Tri zone body support mattresses provide softer support zones at the head and foot of the mattress and firmer support in the middle to provide the correct level of support and spinal alignment. 5 zone pocket springs units have two firmer support zones to follow the contours of your shoulders and hips with three softer support zones in between to provide perfect anatomical support and reduce pressure points for a more restful night’s sleep.

If the bed is for two people, it is also important for both to try the beds. Zip and Link beds are a great solution if you require different mattress tensions to suit their personal level of comfort and support.


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Great value for money as they are less expensive than memory foam but still provide a good level of support for a comfortable night’s sleep. We have designed mattresses with different levels of comfort and support. Latex atex mattresses are designed to deliver long lasting performance by utilising their natural resilience to hold their shape and remain durable for years to come.
Designed to make life easier, Dunlopillo mattresses do not require turning.

Latex Foam – Latex is a natural filling sourced from rubber trees. It is extremely durable and anti-microbial, and also provides an extremely sumptuous feel.

Pressure relieving properties – The support provided by latex reduces stress on the body’s pressure points and relieves aches and pains, preventing excessive tossing and turning to provide a more restful sleep.

Improves blood circulation – Latex allows the body to be supported correctly and this encourages natural blood circulation.

Natural – Latex is a premium quality, naturally derived material made from latex liquid tapped from the trunks of rubber trees.

Natural elasticity for immediate recovery – Latex has a distinctive resilient and durable feel. Its natural elasticity means it recovers its shape immediately when pressure is removed providing natural bounce.

Natural bounce – It also has very good point elasticity which provides even pressure distribution for independent support.

Anti-microbial – Latex is inherently dust-mite resistant and anti-microbial.
Clean & Fresh Actipro™ technology is used in our mattress fabric to provide natural protection against allergens, dust mites and odours which helps to maintain a clean, fresh and healthy sleep environment.